Santa Barbara Urban Flea Market Sets Up Shop Downtown

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Sara Gehris has opened the Santa Barbara Urban Flea Market for vendors of vintage items.

Longtime entrepreneur Sara Gehris still packs a punch.

Her latest endeavor opened a few days ago downtown — the Santa Barbara Urban Flea Market. It’s a home for vendors of vintage items, including jackets, T-shirts, records, furnishings and countless other eclectic items.

“I just kind of wanted to have a platform for them to be able to sell their merchandise,” Gehris said. “It’s kind of like their own little business within a business.”

She said there’s a community of dealers looking for a spot to sell their items after getting displaced from the COVID-19 pandemic. Gehris said there’s strength in numbers, and everyone coming together can share a space that’s affordable yet high quality.

The shop, at 729 State St., once housed Pascucci Restaurant, which since has moved to the 500 block. Gehris, an interior designer, painted some of the walls and the floor to give the store its own vintage vibe.

“We really have something for all ages and all prices,” she said, adding from $1 to $1,000. “Everybody is so excited about it.”

About 20 vendors share the space.

“I am grateful to have the opportunity, just to bring business back to State Street,” Gehris said.

She used to own vintage store Punch, also on State Street. She sold it in 2015. Before that, she was also a dealer. At one point, she bought a shuttle bus and turned it into a shop in the Funk Zone.

“I really wanted to do a collective again,” she said. “I am just really good with spaces and turning it into a cool vibe.”

She said she eventually plans to hold pop-up bars once a month so people can enjoy beer and wine.

“I just love creating an interesting space,” she said. “Every little thing here has its own personality and its own story behind it.”

By Joshua Molina, Noozhawk Staff Writer | @JECMolina

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