New Earth Day mural to be unveiled at Paseo Nuevo in Santa Barbara

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – A large local Earth Day nod to Mother Nature will be revealed Saturday at the Paseo Nuevo Mall.

A large-scale mural, entitled “Nurture our Mother”, is going up on a wall at the top parking level.

The community based effort highlights the talents of local artists Adriana Arriaga and Claudia Borfiga.
Borfiga tells NewsChannel 3 that the mural is a celebration of natural treasures and resources. found locally and throughout our planet.

“We also kinda wanted to emphasize how we’re part of that ecosystem and how kind of our human importance and the role we play and how we’re taking too much of that resource and how we can better care for our earth,” Borfiga said.

The full reveal of the mural takes place Saturday at 4 p.m. via livestream.

The mural will stay up for at least one year.